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iPhone 13 Ricondizionati

Introducing the Loop Mobile Refurbished iPhone 13: Affordable Access to Cutting-Edge Innovation

Unlock the world of innovation without straining your budget with the Refurbished Apple iPhone 13, now available through Loop Mobile. This remarkable refurbished iPhone 13 marries cutting-edge technology with accessibility, offering top-tier performance and an array of premium features. Crafted by Apple, this refurbished iPhone 13 redefines what a smartphone can be, delivering an unmatched mobile experience.

Visual Brilliance:
The Refurbished iPhone 13 boasts a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR OLED display that transforms your content into a visual spectacle. With incredible clarity and vibrant colours, this display ensures that everything you do, from watching videos to gaming or web browsing, becomes an immersive visual journey.

Photography Excellence:
Capture stunning photos and videos with the advanced camera system, featuring both wide and ultra-wide lenses. The refurbished iPhone 13's computational photography features, including Night mode and Deep Fusion, ensure that your photos maintain exceptional quality, no matter the lighting conditions.

A15 Bionic Powerhouse:
At the heart of the device lies Apple's A15 Bionic chip, offering lightning-fast performance that facilitates smooth multitasking and seamless app usage. Juggling multiple tasks or indulging in your favourite apps is now an effortless endeavour.

Storage Tailored to You:
Choose from a range of storage capacities that cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking to store your favourite apps, important files, or cherished memories, the Refurbished iPhone 13 offers options that suit your requirements.

iOS 15 Integration:
Running on iOS 15, the refurbished iPhone 13 provides an intuitive and secure operating system that seamlessly connects with the broader Apple ecosystem. Navigate your digital world with ease and access the latest features and enhancements.

Extended Battery Life:
With an extended battery life, this Refurbished iPhone 13 ensures that your device keeps up with your daily demands, keeping you connected and productive throughout your day.

Certified Refurbished:
Certified refurbished iPhone 13 models undergo a rigorous inspection and refurbishment process by experts to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Elevate Your Mobile Experience with Loop Mobile:
Rest assured, Loop Mobile's Refurbished Apple Phones undergo rigorous testing and expert restoration to revert them to factory settings. This commitment to quality and excellence ensures that these devices perform at their best, making top-tier technology accessible to you at an affordable price.

Experience the innovation of the refurbished Apple iPhone 13, backed by Loop Mobile's dedication to delivering advanced technology that doesn't break the bank. Elevate your mobile experience because, with the Loop Mobile Refurbished iPhone 13, innovation is now within reach.

Experience the innovation of the refurbished Apple iPhone 13, backed by Loop Mobile's dedication to delivering advanced technology that doesn't break the bank. Elevate your mobile experience because, with the Loop Mobile Refurbished iPhone 13, innovation is now within reach.

The iPhone, a remarkable creation by Apple Inc., has undeniably transformed the landscape of modern communication and technology. Since its inaugural release in 2007, the iPhone has consistently pushed the boundaries of what a smartphone can achieve. With each new iteration, it has redefined user expectations, setting new standards for design, performance, and innovation. This brief overview of the iPhone's history takes us on a journey through its evolution, from its groundbreaking inception to the current era of advanced features and unparalleled convenience. Join us as we explore the remarkable timeline of the iPhone and the impact it has had on the way we live, work, and connect in the digital age.

2. 2008 - iPhone 3G: The iPhone 3G, released in 2008, brought 3G connectivity, the App Store, and GPS navigation. It marked a significant step forward in terms of functionality and app development.

3. 2009 - iPhone 3GS: The iPhone 3GS, launched in 2009, improved performance and introduced video recording. It was seen as a refinement of the previous model.

4. 2010 - iPhone 4: The iPhone 4, released in 2010, featured a complete redesign with a glass front and back and introduced the high-resolution Retina display. It also had a better camera and video calling capability with FaceTime.

5. 2011 - iPhone 4S: The iPhone 4S, launched in 2011, included the introduction of Siri, Apple's virtual assistant. It also featured a faster processor and an improved camera.

6. 2012 - iPhone 5: The iPhone 5, released in 2012, featured a larger 4-inch display, a thinner design, and 4G LTE connectivity. It was a significant hardware update.

7. 2013 - iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: In 2013, Apple introduced the iPhone 5S with a new Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the colourful, more affordable iPhone 5C.

8. 2014 - iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, launched in 2014, featured even larger displays, a significant design change, and improved cameras. The iPhone 6 Plus was Apple's first venture into the "phablet" category.

9. 2015 - iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus: The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, released in 2015, brought 3D Touch, improved cameras, and a more powerful A9 chip.

10. 2016 - iPhone SE (1st Generation): In 2016, Apple introduced the iPhone SE, a more affordable and compact iPhone that featured the internals of the iPhone 6S.

11. 2016 - iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, launched in 2016, removed the traditional headphone jack and featured water resistance, better cameras, and faster processors.

12. 2017 - iPhone 8 and iPhone X: Apple celebrated the iPhone's 10th anniversary in 2017 with the release of the iPhone 8 and the radically redesigned iPhone X, featuring Face ID facial recognition and an edge-to-edge OLED display.

13. 2018 - iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR: In 2018, Apple introduced the iPhone XS and XS Max with improvements in performance and camera capabilities. The iPhone XR offered a more affordable option with similar internals.

14. 2019 - iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max: The iPhone 11 series brought improved cameras, the A13 Bionic chip, and a new colour lineup, making them highly popular choices.

15. 2020 - iPhone SE (2nd Generation): Apple launched the second-generation iPhone SE in 2020, combining the iPhone 8 design with the A13 Bionic chip.

16. 2020 - iPhone 12 series: The iPhone 12 series featured 5G support, MagSafe technology for accessories, and improved cameras.

17. 2021 - iPhone 13 series: The iPhone 13 series continued to build on the previous models, with enhancements in-camera capabilities, performance, and battery life.


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24 luglio 2023

Il dispositivo era immacolato

Il dispositivo è arrivato tempestivamente. Il dispositivo era in condizioni immacolate con uno stato della batteria pari al 93%. Il servizio era facile da usare, educato e cordiale.

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Izzy M
19 luglio 2023

Grande esperienza

Bellissimo dispositivo con buona salute della batteria. Servizio eccellente nel complesso con consegna rapida. Grazie 😊

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17 giugno 2023

Esperienza perfetta

Esperienza perfetta, ho acquistato un Apple Watch Series 7 45 MM in ottime condizioni. È arrivato con 2 giorni di anticipo sulla consegna rispetto a quanto previsto con DPD. Durata della batteria perfetta al 100% e nessun danno o problema all'orologio. Ho risparmiato un sacco di soldi qui e lo consiglio vivamente a chiunque!

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25 giugno 2023

Altamente raccomandato

Ho acquistato diverse volte da Loop Mobile e non sono mai rimasto deluso. Un'ottima gamma di prodotti, consegna rapida ed efficiente. Consiglio vivamente Loop Mobile.

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03 maggio 2023

Lo consiglio al 100%!

Compagnia straordinaria. Ho acquistato un iPhone Xs 64GB in condizioni Gold Fair direttamente dal loro sito web. Sembrava nuovo, a parte questo graffio sullo schermo, anche se era appena percettibile. Semplicemente fantastico, consigliato al 100%.

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08 maggio 2023

Ottimo servizio consegna rapida

Che ottimo servizio consegna rapida e tutto a un prezzo incredibile! La ciliegina sulla torta è la qualità del telefono... immacolata: comprerò sicuramente di nuovo da Loop.

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Come sarà protetto il mio dispositivo durante la spedizione?

Tutti i nostri dispositivi ricondizionati vengono spediti nel loro imballaggio Loop-Mobile sostenibile e riciclabile al 100%. Controlliamo la qualità del nostro imballaggio per offrire un'ottima protezione al tuo dispositivo durante il trasporto.

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Tutti i nostri dispositivi ricondizionati sono dotati di accessori inclusi i cavi. Si tratta di apparecchiature compatibili ma non originali del produttore.

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Primitivo: condizioni pari al nuovo, schermo e corpo impeccabili.

Molto buono: graffi leggeri non visibili a più di 12 pollici. Lo schermo potrebbe presentare leggeri segni di usura, non visibili quando è in funzione.

Buono: graffi o ammaccature leggeri ma evidenti visibili sullo schermo e sulla struttura.

Discreto: segni d'uso inclusi graffi potenzialmente profondi e possibili ammaccature sullo schermo e sulla struttura.

Qual è lo stato della batteria del mio dispositivo?

Testiamo tutte le nostre batterie. Devono raggiungere almeno l'80% della capacità di ricarica iniziale per garantire l'efficienza del telefono.

Qual è la garanzia?

Tutti i nostri prodotti ricondizionati hanno una garanzia di 12 mesi che copre tutti i malfunzionamenti tecnici ma non supporta danni accidentali, danni causati dall'acqua, perdita o furto.

Quando verrà spedito il mio ordine?

Tutti gli ordini ricevuti prima delle 13:00 vengono spediti lo stesso giorno: riceverai il tuo ordine prima che te ne accorga! Utilizziamo i numeri di tracciabilità del corriere per ogni ordine, così potrai seguire il tuo pacco dalla spedizione fino a casa tua.

Cos'è un dispositivo ricondizionato?

Un dispositivo ricondizionato è un dispositivo usato che è stato testato e valutato dai nostri esperti. Testiamo 75 funzionalità chiave su ciascun dispositivo per offrirti la migliore qualità.